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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

I think I'm in a bad mood

Today I was picking up a prescription (no I'm not mentally deranged or ragingly allergic or anything) and the pharma-tech-lady glances at me for the first time and without a trace of a smile or pharmacy-related question says, "You're tall." Just like that, no question or warm tones, just stating a cold fact.

Ok, I will admit that when you're 6 foot tall and a woman, and built like a linebacker (Shall a character representing me ever be cast in a movie, the song "She's a Brickhouse" will immediately be set to the background of my entrance) this happens often. People seem to feel the need to inform me that I have unusual height, as if some how I might have overlooked that fact today. I think their tone would be different if I had modelesque stature and didn't trip over myself all the time (What is with my balance lately??), but I could be overly sensitive on this issue.

Sometime the fact is stated in a question form: "You play basketball don't you?" How do I explain that the one year I played little league basketball, the only basket I ever made was for the opposing team. I was so excited to have been passed the ball by a desperate team mate that I ran to the wrong end of the court and surprisingly shot and made the basket, much to the chagrin of my own team.

Today, being a hungry and apparently fearsomely tall woman, my answer to the pharma-tech-lady was a snappy, "you have big hands." She looked at me stunned for a moment, spun around, retreived my meds, slapped them down on the counter in a rather aggressive manner, and rung me up quite hastily.

Apparently the pharma-tech-lady was in a bad mood too.

Don't mess with the lady with the drugs.

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