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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Say something in Irish...

It has been a whirlwind week! St. Patty's Day, recouping, seeing the family, going to Austin...

Last Friday I had my Irish-themed party, which was good times. It seems like too long since I've thrown a party, and I forgot about how much I love to do it. I also love vacations, and I can feel the absolute urgency with which I need that soon. I need a beach and sun and warmth (ok why is it cold in MARCH after a tepid January??) and strong frozen drinks. If you know a way to get that at a low cost, please let me know ASAP.

Lesson's Learned from this Soiree:
1) Preparing in advance makes you MUCH less stressed out and able to enjoy yourself more.
2) Fooling your friends into performing slave-labor to prepare with you the day before is highly suggested. It is amazing what doubling your man-power can accomplish.
3) While friends are performing slave-labor, serve alcohol. It makes them feel like they are "pre-partying". Plus alcohol brings out their "creative" juices.
4) You never get enough time to properly work the room and talk to everyone enough. I will always have a dreaded feeling of being an inadequate hostess the next day. This is a guilt that is impossible to escape.
5) Always have a seasoned professional present when preparing jello-shots. I don't think anyone who partook of those green-spawns-of-satan needed to brush their teeth for the week to follow. It was like performing an internal organ sterilization.
6) Green lights make me happy. I think I will keep them up for a little longer. Like until Christmas.
7) Never think or let anyone speak of the expense of throwing a party while preparing for it. It kills the buzz. If anyone mentions it, promptly hand them a jello shot.
8) I have some really animated friends, and I'm lucky to have them!
9) Pony kegs are cute and reasonable. For parties if 30-35, I highly suggest this idea.
10) Under NO circumstances should you ever agree to come into work on the weekend following a party. Yeaaahhhh, I'm going to need you to come in on Saturday..... In the words of D.A.R.E. - JUST SAY NO! Or give some vague and persuasive reason that you can't.


Anonymous said...

Vaca does sound like a well needed excursion...I hope you get your fun in the sun :) I think I have lost that word from my vocabulary. Maybe one day I will find a use for it again.

As for the party....ran like a well oiled machine. Good company, good drink, and good food. What else could you ask for.

-Sometimes I like Lemons.

Sarah's Parties said...

I wish I had green clothes!

Anonymous said...

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