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Friday, May 05, 2006

Eternal Sunshine of My Frazzled Mind

I always seems that the late spring/summer season brings with it jam-packed weekends. I always have great ambitions for my summers, 90% of which never seems to be able to materialize for one reason or another - mostly due to weddings and my inability to say "no" to people. This can be considered a list of stuff I want to do, but will find a way to schedule countless other things in place of my wishes. It's my version of sadomasochistic psychological torture.

Ambitions for Summer 2006:
  • Go to the beach often. Often as in, say twice a month.
  • Get a nice, but healthy tan. No sunburns. To accomplish, see previous.
  • Go tubing atleast once.
  • Save money to recover from recent financial crisis.
  • Find a nearby pool to swim laps at and become a member.
  • Swim as often as possible when previous is accomplished.
  • Take a road trip to somewhere I haven't been before. What else did I buy a car for?
  • Clean the house so it sparkles like never before. I want the fresh smell of lemon water to emanate from every crevice.
  • Have one weekend this summer where I don't have ANYTHING planned in advance so I can bum around and be the introvert I always dreamed I could one day be.
  • Learn how to stop flinching every time my cell phone rings, signalizing the fact that someone needs something from me.


Sarah's Parties said...

Learn that sometimes when your cell phone rings it's just someone wanting to chat and see how YOU are doing... or at least after you flinch listen to the voice mail and if the person on the other end (say, me) doesn't want anything - CALL ME BACK! :)

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