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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

She's a graduate... now what?

Little Miss Kasia got herself a diploma last weekend. My family parents couldn't be more relieved or happy. The baby of the family has finished her educational requirements, and did so quite well I might ad! Congrats Siostro!
Kasia graduated with a BA in Music Business. This happens to fall under the Fine Arts graduating school. Can I just say how much MORE interesting an arts graduation ceremony is than an engineering one?? A ceremony for engineers goes exactly how you picture it: dozens upon dozens of Asian-origin names being butchered by a grumpy old white dude. You walk up to the podium, shake hands with a Dean you have only heard rumors about from the dark basement laboratory, and never look back. An arts major, WELL! An entrance onto a stage like this requires the panache and eclecticism that this student has spent the past 4 (or 5 or 9) years developing! While these women have EXCELLENT taste in shoes, and walking skills Sarah Jessica Parker would marvel at, many went barefoot, in pajamas, or one creative young lady even decided to go as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. Complete with ruby red slippers, red braids, picnic basket with Toto, and blue gingham dress, she skipped right to the Dean and curtsied. I hope she was a theater & dance major, because that performance just might have earned her a job at Disney World.


Sarah's Parties said...

Ahhh - memories! We had naked people at my graduation... have they banned that yet?

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