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Monday, July 03, 2006

Movie Critic-ing with Tangents

This past weekend, being as the weather was dismal at best (why must in rain when I want to be by the pool, yet sunny while I'm miserable at work, WHY! The weather is a cruel joke.) I watched several movies. It's hard to find stuff to do indoors for 48 hours that doesn't require endless streams of cash, so I thought I'd use my Netflix account for once.

First movie was Family Stone starring Sarah Jessica Parker and Dermot Mulroney and countless other famous people. I felt the situations were rather underdeveloped and strange in general. It's as if the movie spent so much time developing the neuroses of SJP as a character, that they forgot to leave time to develop the plot enough to be believable. However, this did not stop me from laughing at the situational humor through my tears, and when I say tears, I mean the torrential downfall that was my eye lids for the 102 minute duration. I haven't cried that hard since I saw The Notebook with a group of 5 girls. For that outing, whole cartons of tissue did not suffice. Sometime you just need a good sobbing, shoulder-shaking cry. It matched the weather anyways.

Last night while making dinner, we popped in Out Cold which was the complete opposite spectrum from Family Stone - slapstick humor of sorts - definitely amusing to watch. It was striking how much Bull Mountain, Alaska (the fictional setting of this film) resembled Whitefish, Montana to me. My family has been skiing at Big Mountain in Montana for about 10 years, and it holds a special place in my heart. I love the small town feel, and the fact that it's not commercialized to all hell like most ski resorts I've been to in Colorado. The lift lines are never long, the locals are very friendly, drinking beer is abundant, and let's face it ladies - the men out number the women in this state 5 to 1. The odds are in our favor for holiday romance. Last trip, my sister and I took 2 girl friends with us, and by the end of the week, any time we would walk into any bar after a day getting beat up learning how to snowboard, every one knew us and would yell "Texas!" when we would drag our weary butts in for some alcoholic relief. What Colorado ski resort gives you that kind of warm recognition and welcoming? Not to mention, Montana is home to one of the most amusing and stoned snowboarding instructors of all time - our friend Matty. Matty's words of hallucinogenic wisdom to us:

"It's just you, the board, two edges, and no rules. Welcome to the Dark Side."

With that kind of mantra, who WOULDN'T want to learn how to snowboard??

Big Mountain, March 2005

Lastly, we coughed up the cash and went to the movie theater for Superman Returns. A pretty lengthy movie, action-packed, and earned it's PG-13 rating, not a single cuss-word was uttered (not from the characters anyways, me in the audience? Completely different story). It was ok, but what really bugged me was how blatantly obvious it was that Superman was a digital creation every time he was in that costume. It looked very cartoony to me, but I suppose it was based on the comic books, so what could I expect? My lingering question is still, when did Superman and Lois Lane do the hibbidy-dibbidy? And when they did it, how was it? Because EVERYONE wants to know what Super-sex is like. Do you think they did it while flying?


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