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Friday, September 01, 2006

go forth and be free of labor

Yeah for long weekends!

Weddings, watching the UT vs. North Texas game, manual labor at Lake Livingston, and Amy's birthday (Happy Birthday Miss Amy!) are on the menu.

We're not quite abiding with the whole "no labor" part of the holiday, but what the heck. It beats sitting in front of the computer for another 8 hours.

On a side note, late last night while speaking to an old friend on the phone, he got me checking out people's myspace pages. This happened because vicious gossip about some random person from high school was spewed forth, I was befuddled about where this knowledge came from, and then I get the exasperated "don't you have myspace yet??" Uh, no, isn't that an evil pedophile cult? Regardless, the nosy part of me checked out all these random people from my hometown's pages that my friend directed me to. (Notice how I subtly lay the blame on my friend, as if he was reaching through the phone and FORCING me to click on each individual webpage, threatening torturous death.) It makes me feel guilty, like I'm secretly spying on these people. But at the same time, they're posting all this themselves on the internet, which is not exactly a private forum. Either way, it's entertaining to see how much people have changed (or not changed) since childhood, and I think that is the same reason most break down and go to high school reunions. I'm still fighting against joining myspace. This is my small place I take a stand. How lame of me.

Everyone be safe this weekend!

(The picture is the birthday girl Amy, her little sister Sarah, and their cousin in Galveston the beginning of this summer on a cloudy day.)

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Sarah's Parties said...

Two things!

1) Your comment thing has changed, so I just wrote this whole long (incredibly cute) comment and rather than posting it I viewed my user profile. :( So now you will have to deal with a shortened version of my cuteness and wit!

2) Where are you? I want to talk to you! I haven’t had my Marysia fix in a while so I thought I'd call and see if you'd answer (wishful thinking I know). Obviously you did not answer, and now I am going through other means to get in touch with you. Once I post this (correctly) I will be e-mailing you and then checking to see if you actually signed on to my space and will leave you a message there as well! (maybe I'll also check out friendster just to be safe! :P)

Happy Labor Day! Enjoy your weddings and parties! Hello to Big A! (That's my official new nickname for the man!)