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Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Of my morning weekday routine, the moment I dread most getting to work is opening my container of yogurt.

I cringe when I go to peel the foil lid back, and the pressurized container invariably sprays drops of strawberry-white-cholocate on my shirt. Everyday I walk around with small yogurt stains on my [ahem] chest.

And I really don't like that.

Can we change that please?? Add a spray guard or some other kinda of amazingly simple protection device? I feel like I'm going to resort to a bib soon. Nobody over the age of 5 should be wearing a bib.

This message is brought to you by your friends at Yoplait. (Fruit on the bottom, Hope on top!)

If anyone can guess where the last line comes from, I will be your friend forever and ever. We will eat string cheese together and toast our friendship with cheap champagne.


Stephanie said...

Had the same problem - but it was a big splotch all over my clothes.
You must open the container facing away from you. Then the yogurt goes on the desk and is easily cleaned up. (I feel like Martha Stewart now!)

Anonymous said...

Marysia, I hope there are no yogurt questions on the professional engineer exam in April :-)

Anonymous said...

In case you were confused, the previous comment was from Ethan (not Sarah).