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Friday, February 02, 2007

Becoming THAT GIRL.

I have been avoiding posting as of recently because our lives have been comprised mostly of incessant wedding chatter. And really, I wasn't interested in boring people with the constant talk of upcoming nuptials. It's exciting for us, but I realize it might not be that exciting for others. It seems, however, that some people take offense when you do not discuss your plans. It's like there is an expectation from people for you [brides] to gush, and if you don't, they assume you're being secretive or deceptive. As it is, I already feel like I'm constantly apologizing to bridesmaids (seriously, isn't there a better word than "maid"??) for talking about dresses as much as I do. I don't mean to be secretive in anyway, I was just afraid of becoming THAT GIRL. You know that girl. The one who's only topic of conversation is whether circular or square-shaped boxes make better wedding favor packaging. And lamenting that ranunculas are not in season during her wedding. I see how people [errrr... bridezillas] go crazy. There is the entire industry geared towards telling you that EVERY DETAIL of your wedding needs to be perfect, and it's easy to feed into it and become a nut job. So me trying not to talk about our wedding, was my way of avoiding feeding into that ideal. But since most events these days have been involved in planning the details of said event, I avoided posting. I see now that this might be a battle in vain. If I want to keep posting, inevitably, there will be wedding chatter. I apologize in advance.

In the end, what do people remember from weddings they go to?

(I'm seriously asking a question and asking for answers here, if anyone still reads this blog.)

We're getting married November 10th. There is no CIA/FBI/KGB scandal here. For more information, email me and I'll head you in the direction of our website.


Liz said...

The look on your faces when the deed is complete. How many pieces of wedding cake we wanted to eat. Slow dancing with my hubby. Every other detail is just a blur to us...we are just happy to share the day with the lucky couple.

Ethan said...

Marysia, here's my list.

1) How pretty the bride looked
2) Dancing with the bride/groom
3) Who you sat next to at dinner
4) Hilarious (innocuous) things people did while intoxicated (including dancing, hitting on people, speeches, spilling on themselves, etc.) -- of course these are not always hilarious, but more often than not, they are
5) Hanging out with friends/family (that you possibly have not seen in a while)
6) Where the wedding/party was located
7) When you left the party
8) Ok, this one is kind of speculative, so let's consider it a bonus. I'll wager that women can remember what they wore to the wedding -- for guys, it's either a tux or your best suit, neither of which discriminates one wedding from another (plus, we don't really care in the first place)

#1 is always true no matter what, but it will be especially true in your case :-)

As a planner, I think you only have control over #3, but no one really cares. It's just something you remember because you have to make conversation with these people, and odds are you like them at least a little bit.

Amy said...

You are NO Bridezilla!!!