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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

We're BA-ACK....

Wow. Ok so Poland really IS on the other side of the world, because that is one long trip. By the 3rd flight, I wasn't quite sure what city I was in anymore, or where I was going.

We're a bit tired, but had a lot of fun. This trip was mostly dedicated to family, and showing Andrew the northern/Baltic Sea coastal region of Poland. We'll have to save the great places like Warsaw and Krakow for next trip, there just wasn't time. Ten days in Poland mostly equals a whole lot of food and beer. And ice cream. Because it's totally dietarily (is that a word??) appropriate to eat this twice a day:

or this:

And maybe next time, I should think twice, before eating something like this:

That jar on the right? That's bacon fat, with little bits of bacon, garlic, onion,pepper, salt and God knows what else in it. And it's so good, and SO EVIL. Because seriously. WHO EATS STRAIGHT LARD? Not normal people. I've never been normal anyways.

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Sarah's Parties said...

I didn't know you were going to Poland. How fun! Did Andrew love it too? It looks like it was SO much fun... save the bacon lard with pieces of bacon in it spread over break.

And congrats on making wedding decisions. The bigger question is what color are these dresses that all your bride's maids agreed to wear?