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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I would move to San Diego for the beaches and the jalapeno cream sauce

Last weekend I took an impromtu trip to San Diego, where Andrew is going to be for work this week and a boy's trip this following weekend. This was my second year to meet him there during his Science-Geek Conference, and every time, I like it a little more. Andrew basically has to drag me off the beach every day, because I can't get enough of it. If I've come to ANY conclusions as of late, it's that I need to retire on water. Like, this year. Right now. There is no other way for me. Now if I could only scounge up the cool 1.5 Mill it costs to buy a dilapidated shack on Coronado... but those are just details, right?

View from the Manchester Grand Hyatt
This picture is making me dial for a facial STAT.
And maybe a chemical peel or five.

In my mind, this is what heaven feels like under my feet.

Oh no! A Science Geek has escaped the herd!

I even got to spend some time with my college friend Mau and her boyfriend Scott

(look I got his name right and everything)


Ethan said...

Hey, what's up? That's so fun that you got to see Mau and Scott! And I completely agree with you on the San Diego thing. I'd love to end up there at some point as well.

Congrats on passing your exam! Talk to you soon.

Sarah's Parties said...

Hmmm - maybe we should all end up there. (Can you tell I am catching up on my blogging)

PS - Those of you whose names start with M... you're hot.