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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Bride Diet

Since Andrew and I have started dating, my skills in the kitchen have been on a rapid decline, mostly from lack of use. This has everything to do with Andrew's love for cooking (see: kitchen nazi) and even more to do with my liking to drink a glass of wine while I watch him cook.


A few months back, I got up the nerve to cook something, all on my own, that I thought Andrew would like. Mostly so I could say that there was something I created once in the kitchen that Andrew didn't know how to create and he fell madly in love with me because of it, i.e. the way to a man's heart is through his stomach.

Truth be told, he's been MADLY in love with me for decades, he just didn't know it, so basically, I just wanted to keep him on his culinary toes by making a hot sandwich that I got the recipe for online. It is called the Man Pleasing Sandwich, so it seemed like a sure bet on my part. And please the man it did! I even added flair in the form of sauteed bellpeppers and provolone. FEAR MY CULINARY INGENUITY.

Last weekend, after a particularly sucessful trip to the gym, we returned both ravenous and Andrew decided to make The Sandwich himself, being as that it is both a quick fix and Man Pleasing. But of course, there had to be a twist, because Andrew doesn't just follow recipes, he needs to improve upon them. Both of us love the [sinful] Texican cheesesteak at Texadelphia, so inspired, he did a little Texican Twist on The Sandwich. And then added some more goodness. Because he's just so crazy like that. The result:

And my response was:

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SleeplessInSeattle said...

I miss the Marysia and Andrew culinary cuisines!!

That sandwich looks fabulous!