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Monday, December 31, 2007

some things from 2007: I ...

...acquired a husband.
...received my first Digital SLR, and in turn...
...became addicted to photography & Photoshop.
...traveled some to Poland, San Diego, Las Vegas, and Argentina.
...felt closer to several friends, some old, some new (none borrowed or blue).
...understood my family better.
...switched from highway engineer, to bridge engineer.
...passed the PE exam.
...tried to become a better baker - "tried" is the operative word.
...decided to adopt a dog (still anticipating the birth at any moment!).
...hired a housekeeper, and celebrated all the extra weekend time.
...created a myspace page (HYPOCRITE!).
...realized that some times you have to feel things at your own pace.
...didn't dress up as anything for Halloween.
...yielded to the fact that I can't control time, I can't begrudge lost opportunities, but instead I can concentrate on what I can influence (hello, mantra!).
...developed a hundred different 5 to 10 years plans, and I didn't decide to commit to any one of them.
...was consistently off by $3.40 in my checking account balance and have no idea where.
...discovered Houston again, and grew to really enjoy it.
...kept my hair it's natural color the whole year.
...bought a journal, and never wrote in it once. my first PDA cell phone, and am drunk with joy on the ability to check email remotely.


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