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Thursday, February 14, 2008

And a Merry Satan's Day to you all!

I used to call St. Valentine's Day, "Satan's Day" in high school and college. All the pressure and commericalism annoyed me, just like it annoys everyone else. My best Valentine's memories were when I was single with no expectations at all. And now the benefit of being stuck with someone for life (in the most loving way possible! Hi Andrew!), is that we can go back to no expectations at all again. And instead of wearing black today, I wore pink. And put on makeup. For work.
Look at me being festive.
With out further ado, Happy Valentine's Day to my beloved friends and family who actually still read this blog. You are reason enough to celebrate today. And if you get naked, bonus to you!

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Sarita Bonita said...

Ahhh - Valentine's Day! So, did you do anything?