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Friday, February 22, 2008

conversations that make me cringe



On that note, let me open myself up for hate mail. Because it's Friday, and why not! Let's get spicy. On the menu: Politics.

Democratic Debates at UT last night were very interesting. I am going to get slammed for this, but so much of how I sway is based on how the candidate presents themself. [Is "themself" a word? It looks funny, like 'Them's Elf'. I digress.] I lack the detailed policy information to have an intelligent argument about politics, which is probably partially why I do not like discussing politics normally. Also, because the media kills me, and I am very mistrustful of it in general. Words can be amazing and terrible things. And there are a million ways to look at a phrase and comprehend it. What I do find inspiring, is the excitement that has been generated by this election. I feel like it's the first time (in my life time) that I want to be engaged in a decision, and not make my vote based on "the lesser of two evils." So, this year, I want to do my research. Real research, reading many views from different sources on policies and more. I wonder if I'll be successful, or if it will just make me confused and jaded. Maybe my schizo tendencies will arise - I am the quintessential swing voter. It's comforting to have loonies like me involved in the democratic process, isn't it?

On a slightly related note, I am easily amused. (Keep clicking on the link)

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Ethan said...

I believe "himself or herself" would be correct phrase (since candidate is singular) -- unless of course the candidate has multiple personalities, in which case themselves might be appropriate. And I swear I'm only writing this because you asked!

But congrats on becoming political and stuff. I love that website by the way. Barak Obama helped you move a couch. Classic!

My theory is that ridiculous things like that website and the youtube hit "I have a crush on Obama" are going to win him the election. It's all about associative learning.