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Monday, March 03, 2008

Up to the atmosphere, Up where the air is clear

When was the last time you flew a kite? Yesterday was windy, so I had the grand idea. My MIL gave Andrew and I two kites about a year ago as part of our "Easter Baskets" (She is a gift fairy, I am telling you) and they'd been stored in the corner of the garage since then. Yes, we still get Easter Baskets. Lavish ones with toys and candy and games and money-filled eggs, you name it. I have a feeling, this will end once there are generations behind us, but until then, we enjoy the fruits of youth. I kept the kites because I liked the idea, a romantic notion of a spring-time date, and I've always wanted to go to the Austin Kite Festival (thus far unsuccessful). So Andrew obliged me and we went to the park around the corner and attempted to fly the princess-fairy-anime-cartoon kite (Andrew wasn't embarrassed at all, let me tell you). After nearly taking out a group of neighbors and their dogs with my kamikaze kite, I gave up, because the wind was very sporatic and not holding up for very long. The last time I flew a kite, I was three years old. My Uncle was living with us in Omaha, and as far as I remember, he built it for me - the biggest kite in all existence. I think this was before my sister was born, but memory is foggy on that one. After spending all day watching him cut wood and plastic and string, we went to the elementary school playground to fly. I was sure that the kite would take me flying with it. On it's first flight, it got lodged in a tall tree, the fun was over, and I still remember the feeling of my disappointment. All that build up with no pay out. I'm just making up for lost time now I suppose.

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