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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Give me your digits, we'll link up.

So yesterday after work, spontaneously my friend Marcelo calls me and asks me to meet him at a pub around the corner from my place. I'm on my way home, and so I stop and have a couple beers with Marcelo and his friend Erik. Erik is Norwegian, a lively dude, and through very bizarre circumstances, I have seen photos of his naked bum (before ever having met him). Talking over beers (which turns into shots, but I was still home by 8! Don't you judge me!), the phrase that comes up often is "link up." We're not talking techie terms here, he's speaking of people "linking up" as in "meeting up" or "hanging out." I am easy [hah.] to leave an impression upon apparently, because I think that is a fantastic phrase. People should link up more often.

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Ethan said...

I prefer being linked in. You should join my network :-)