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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Let it Sparkle!

I read a blog (found through Amy L.) by Stephanie Klein, who's writing I find pretty humorous. The above video left me giggling in my office. She lives in Austin (yeah!) and her newest book is coming out - Moose. I plan to buy this book and her first release Straight Up & Dirty on my next trip to the book store. Ahh, how I miss the book store! You've got to balance the finance and accounting books with some light reading.

I want to be the girl in that bathroom with her, because I think I would have died, even just filming a commercial. Occasionally, I like to freak Andrew out, and act crazed and luney [acting...?], complete with cracked-out faces and animalistic body movement. He is starting to catch on, and it's becoming less effective for shock factor, so maybe I'll get some inspiration from new material...

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