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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Evacuation Plan: Go To Canada. Stat.

The day before Hurricane Ike hit Houston and killed everyone's patience, Kasia and I hurried to the airport and headed to Canada for our cousin Vinnie's (yes, we call him Vinnie) wedding.

This trip was already planned in advance, but the hurricane seemed like as good a reason as any to tell the Canadian Passport Control for reason of entry. It was a great weekend, hanging out with the cousins and family, and the wedding was exquisite. I even cried a little right before Heather walked down the aisle. I'm turning into such a pansy.

The weather was crisp like it should be in the fall, and there was the bonus of not having 120mph wind. There was an amount of guilt over leaving Andrew and my family to fend the storm while Kasia and I had a great time, I must admit. Also, we never really lost power for long or water, so I feel guilty complaining about the lack of internet, while a portion of my schoolmates and in-laws STILL don't have air conditioning at home. So if Centerpoint could get on that STAT, my in-laws would appreciate it. Especially, my MIL - it's her birthday this weekend for goodness sakes.

Photos from Canada Wedding.

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