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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

So Lame

I have so much to update here - mostly my trips to Canada and Washington DC last week (which made me miss the hurricane!), and I will do my best to get some new photos and stories up this weekend!

Does anyone still even read this?

Travel Lessons Learned:
My Drink Of Choice Forever And Ever Amen = Crown & Water, with a splash of Coke.

No hangover. Rad.


Liz said...

I check your blog once a day. Does this mean I have no life? Probably. I just miss you, is all.

Tabatha said...

I still read this!!!


BryNate said...

I still read too!!!

SleeplessInSeattle said...

I do I do

Janet said...

Oh please. Now you're just fishing:)Look for the update every day!

Ethan said...

I'm glad you found your drink. It's important since you go to professional happy hour school ;-)

I like vodka martinis on the rocks with olives. I'd prefer Scotch with a splash of water, but one sip usually makes you smell like you've been drinking since noon. So I only order it at lunch.