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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Month 4

I'm in final exam period, so what better way to procrastinate than blog entries? Those accounting and finance books will just have to wait their turn.

Mid-November and On
Changes have been subtle, a lot of people finding out, including slowly, people in my class. Mostly this is met with disbelief. At a company dinner in the Petroleum Club one night, a friend in my class thought he'd be nice and "refill my drink." He assumed I was drinking vodka on the rocks (right, I see how ice water could be deceptive). I took one wiff and almost died. "Mike, I can't drink this, I'm pregnant." Mike: "What??? No way!" [staring at my stomach] "But you don't even look it!"

Belly Report: THAT is the deception. Budding pregnancy during the winter months is a lot easier to conceal. I have one pair of jeans left that I can button all the way, the rest are hanging on by a combination of rubber bands and Bella Bands (which I do love - especially the ones with lace edges). This is that limbo point everyone talks about. I'm not big enough (or mentally prepared for) maternity clothes, but some of my regular clothes are starting to feel snug and just plain unattractive. The benefit is that many styles right now have some room in the midsection, so I haven't relegated myself to even trying maternity clothes yet. Janet has graciously said she will go with me and be supportive during winter break, and she promises she will tell me when something looks hideous and reminiscent of a circus tent.

Food Report: Thankfully, I am ok with raw onions again. The most common question I get asked is "do you have any weird cravings?" Even when I'm not preggers, I am one of those people that will want something, become fixated on it, and not rest or stop bugging anyone until I satisfy it. Pregnant, I haven't had that feeling as intensely. However, I do have a very strange love for beets right now (never liked them before) and Italian food sounds good every day of the week: Starchy pastas, pizza rolls, cheese bread etc. I attribute the latter more to the cold weather that has rolled in to town. The Tums and I are still kindred spirits, going every where together. I get headaches more often, but I'm told that's normal. This month I have occasionally been able to feel pressure, but no movement per se. I keep wondering when that will happen. Books tell me sometime around 17 weeks, so I'm waiting for any day now. Although honestly, I don't think I would recognize movements anyways. I don't sit still enough to have that kind of focus or attention span.

Andrew's Report: This month Andrew has been focused on what the baby hears. He made a classical music playlist for my ipod, and I have been instructed to walked around with headphones on my stomach daily so she will have healthy brain cells. As you can see, Andrew is the reader in this duo. He is reading his book diligently, and instructs on what is happening with me and what will happen next. He even tells me the things the books says he shouldn't mention to me, lest he anger the Delicate One. Apparently he's not too worried about that.

Tomorrow we have our fancy ultrasound with the genetics testing center, so I'm looking forward to good quality photos. Maybe if there's an amusing one, I'll post it here!


Tabatha said...

Glad to hear things are progressing nicely! Good luck with finals!!


Liz said...

Please post your ultrasound! Congrats on still wearing your pants, also!