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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Whole Lotta Somethin'

Today marked the start of a new term at school. We are on a quasi-quarter system where each semester is divided into two terms, with a convenient little break in the middle. This semester maybe just prove to be glorious in the sense that I only have two classes, plus our consulting project. Ok, so the project seems to be shaping up to be a huge time-suck, but at the moment, I am basking in the splendor of flexible schedules and being at campus only 2 days a week. I know this will not last, and I will end up living here like past terms have taught me, but for now, I wanted to record my infinite bliss over four days weekends.

So I can laugh at myself maniacally in mid April, and then cry tears of stressful sadness.

Last weekend I was in Austin for SxSW and my friend David's wedding. I can't get over the feeling that I should have just stayed in Austin for the week, enjoying the beautiful weather, the music, and the warm magnificence of the Paramount Theater. Last weekend we were able to slip in a a trip to Screeenburn, the Tradeshow, and a few movies:

I Love You, Man

I thoroughly enjoyed all of them, for different reasons. I do love the fact the actors and/or directors are there for the movie and do a Q&A session afterwards. I wish all movie experiences were like that. Both years I've attended, I've noticed that most attendees are in the film industry, so there is this sense of "who are you and are you important for me to meet" to a degree. And for professionals, it really ticks me off when they ask absolutely asinine questions, not even related to the movie, and smug in nature. For instance, at the end of I Love You, Man: "When is the Muppets movie coming out and who will be cast in it?"... Then we follow up with 3 more questions about the Muppets movie until the Director makes a rightfully sarcastic comment about his Muppets movie knowledge.

One thing that really surprised me was the documentary Luckey, and how well it was filmed/edited, and how relatable the emotions were. I definitely want to go check out the newest installation at the Houston Children's Museum now after witnessing their story.

ExTerminators was a dark comedy, a la First Wives Club. It was entertaining, and wasn't even as chick-flickish as I would have imagined. Just violent enough to entertain the guys as well. Plus, Heather Graham does some kind of Ugly-Duckling-Hot-Swan evolution throughout the film, so if anything, it's eye candy for them. I did have to say I loved her hair. I wish I could get my hair to do the wavy thing in the same manner.

Andrew gets to go back for the music portion on Wednesday night, and I'm headed to Galveston for a much-needed weekend of beach time with the ladies!

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