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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Photo Dump

We attended the annual MBA Gala the Saturday before Easter, which, let's face it, is basically MBA prom. Complete with formals/suits/tuxes and crazed adults pretending to be 18. Seeing as my options are limited in terms of formal wear at 8 months incubated, I wore the only thing that fits [enter the hot pink tent]. We had a surprisingly good time, the band was great, the DJ realized our class has an affinity for ghetto-rap, and I learned the soulja-boy dance in its entirety that night. Glance at your own risk.

I've had two baby showers in the past couple weeks, and there has been a wealth of "Awwwwww..."ing. Some photos from the loot, however, I completely laxed on taking my camera to either event, so I myself have no photos. I will have to hit up others for that.

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Ethan said...

That makes you the girl who was preggers at prom. Classic.

Congrats on being 48% done with your MBA program!