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Sunday, July 19, 2009

July Re-Cap. So Far. For the Wolf Pack.

I started "working" July 1st, and since then, I can not keep up with anything at all. The [lack of]blogging is a heavy indicator. "Working" in this case is a project for a company, which I am using as independent study credit [read: less classes this fall]. I didn't really have any experience at all with the topic of my project, so just getting to a place where I thought JUST MAYBE I could speak semi-intelligibly about it took me until about, oh, RIGHT NOW. And really, that sentence is being generous with its self-praise.

July 4th was spent at the cabin with both sets of grandparents (Lilly's, not ours) it what was a great break and celebration. Yeah for swimming! Yeah for sun! Yeah for ridiculous amounts of food! Basically it satisfied in me the need for "summer activity."

For my birthday this year, Andrew surprised me and put together a party. I knew I wasn't allowed to plan anything for Saturday, but I had no clue what was going on, and frankly, had no energy to try and investigate. He did such a great job organizing, I was impressed and happy at the same time. Happy because it was casual enough to enjoy and the right mix of baby and baby-free. Andrew's Aunt and Mother came over and baby-sat She Who Screams, while a big group of us went downtown and [finally] saw The Hangover. GREAT. Loved it. Truly. I would watch it several more times, just for the one-liners. After the movie, an expanded group met at Candelari's for dinner and cake, where Andrew's Mother and Aunt brought The Wee One. this way, more friends got to meet her who previously hadn't. And THANK GOD, the baby-acne has been on the decline and is mostly gone. Yes, I was That Mom, who took her baby to the pediatrician for baby acne. I walked in and asked in a hig pitched desperate tone "What did I do to her face??" Our doctor is a forgiving woman. At 5 weeks, the baby weighed 12 lbs 9 oz. She is like an Ox, I tell you.

The great part about July has been her ability to recognize us and smile. Oh My God the smiling. It could solve world peace and melt nuclear warheads. I'm not even sure that makes sense, I'm just very tired. So for now, good night. Hasta Pasta.

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