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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Is that a sarong? It is So Wrong.

Delightful Observations:

1) Being on vacation with a baby is not as relaxing as one would think. You still have to wake up early, because she still wakes up early, and don't get me started on the "adjusting to a new routine and environment" transition which has cost us all some sleep. This is why you bring a team of people with you who want to fawn over said child, and relish in the opportunity to play with her at 5:45 a.m.

2) According to my mother, I will never know the exact right amount of clothing my child should be wearing at all times. Our inner temperature gauges are not callibrated to each others. Now I smile, nod, and do it my way. I think she's catching on.

3) It is incredibly easy, TOO easy, to be completely unplugged from reality here. I could never open my laptop, never turn on the television, spend my days going to the beach, hitting "hora feliz" at 11 a.m. promptly, and never know any better. That both delights me and scares me. I cringe at the slap in the face going home to responsibilities, chaos and schedules is going to be.

4) I have the most adorable kid in the world. That is a fact, not a matter of opinion. Every one in this entire hotel has told me so, therefore, it is obviously an accepted phenomenon.

5) I love watching beach weddings. There is a couple getting married tonight who has over 100 guests staying here, and it was beautiful to even watch them take photos in the surf before hands. Seriously. My single friends. Please do destination weddings. I will love you to bits and pieces and be your personal slave if you do. Promise.

6) Vacation with old people and kids forces you to alter your expectations of what you can do in a day. That is a good thing for me to learn. Slow Down. It's going way to fast.


Bryn said...

First of all, you do have the sweetest kid ever....she's part you!! I'm so glad you are able to getaway for a little bit. Vacations are always a necessity!

Tabatha said...

Um....I beg to differ with you on the "I have the cutest kid in the world" factoid. L is in the top 2, but our 1-2 finish is a little off. :)

Glad you're having fun on vacay....even if you do have to wake up early still.

Heather Lee said...

I have never thought about these observations in this manner. But you are so right.
Oh Marysia, I am SO glad you are having such a wonderful vacation. You deserve it. But we miss you; please come home soon!
Also, you DO have the cutest kid in the world (are you still calling her Kid?). I am shocked there is not statistical evidence of this fact by now.