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Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Where did May go? Seriously? I want my month back!

Hi! Yes! I still live here!

I know, shocker.

It has been a busy few weeks, and I have nothing terribly grand to show for it (still no job) except some photos and a one-year-old that walks around like she owns the show.

Wait, I will brag for a moment. Hit snooze if you're not into copious Mama-bragging.

Lilly turned 1, and a week before that, finally made the conscious decision to walk over crawling. And since then, she is faster than I can possibly imagine. There are so many developments in her personality lately, that everyday it's like meeting this completely new human. She understands us: this is completely mind blowing to me. If I ask her to sit on her bum, or to bring something to me, she does it! I know I'm only minutes away from her learning the word "no" and bringing that dream to a screeching hault. She learned "All Dah" (all done) and actually tells us when she's done eating now. She still delights in swishing her food all over the tray so it goes flying, and Mama has a panic attack while trying to salvage a clean floor, but I'll take it for now. She engages us in playing games, and actually brings books to us so she can sit in our lap and we read them to her.

This is me melting into a complete puddle of mushy goo.

(Like the kind on the floor after every. single. meal.)

We had a watermelon-themed birthday party at the neighborhood park with all kinds of friends and family pitching in and braving the insane heat and sun. Next year's birthday party = ice skating rink. The 1st birthday moment is always that messy cake moment right? Frankly, she was more interested in the watermelon (actual fruit) but did her best to destroy the cake I made for her.

Notice, I tried to distract her with a cupcake, to no avail. Move over Mama, I roll with the big boys.

Her favorite moments, I would guess if she could document them herself would be the mini-pool and the Great-Granny's new puppy chihuahua Sophie. That girl is a sucker for dogs and water.

Last weekend was completely dedicated to my friend's from grad school's (they met at school) Pakistani wedding (THREE WHOLE DAYS), and all the madness that spews forth from those kinds of events. Bonus? Copious dancing and Indian/Pakistani food. Each group of friends and family of the wedded couple does choreographed dances for the couple the night before the ceremony, and our group of friends had been practicing for 4 weeks prior. That is mucho Bollywood, and a total blast. All weddings should require this sort of event and preparation. We were the only group of "non-ethnic" dancers and although the odds were stacked against us, I think we managed a pretty bang up job. The couple looked beautiful and happy, and don't we wish every wedding was this colorful?

I will post more photos on my flickr today hopefully, and the dance video will be on a youtube link eventually. I'm slow at these things lately.

I feel like I'm better at keeping up on my photo a day page, maybe because it's less writing commitment, so if you want snip-its from the menial daily occurrences, better luck there. However, I still like writing occasionally here, I will do my best to keep up in a more timely fashion.

Next up... birthday's abound! Janet, that means you.

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