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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

One week

In the past week, I have...

1) Signed up for the MS150, after making some lame/not as lame excuses for 7 rides since my last ride. I'm kind of scared but more excited.

2) Read the first book of "Hunger Games". Awesome way to get back into reading recreationally again. Talk about a gripping - I find myself physically shaking while I'm reading from the anxiety of the scenes. Can't wait to start the second book tonight.

Also reading "Setting Limits for a Strong-Willed Child". I am not much of a parenting-book reader but two guesses why I'm reading that? Maybe the tipping point was the laughter that comes from my daughter at the threat of a spanking? I know you can't even mention that in mixed company - spanking children - but I put it out there. Lilly on occasion will push our limits so far that she gets a spanking. I can feel the judgement from here.

3) We have been completely diaper free for a week. Holy diaper genie I never thought we'd get here but she finally gave up night time diapers too. Minimal accidents since and I couldn't be happier to get that pay raise.

4) Speaking of raises, I got a small promotion at work which isn't a big deal really but makes me feel loved at work all the same.

I am feeling strangely optimistic this week. Maybe our gate will even be repaired this time? (read: seriously, at this point I'm used to it not operating properly). Maybe we will win our plea for denial or variance across the street? (say no to apartment buildings right up in our grill!) The possibilities are not hopeless.

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