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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

CUB = Cashed Up Bogan = Rich Redneck

This week I officially got my first international assignment at work (Hey-oh!  Welcome to the big leagues, now I'll officially be abused properly), which means I will actually have to travel internationally.  I didn't even want to write about it anywhere until I saw the airline and hotel bookings in my inbox because I was afraid I would jinx it by even mentioning it out loud. 

I am working on a pursuit for a large project in Australia, the largest ever project attempted in the industry in fact.  Our London office is the lead office on this pursuit, so Saturday I travel to London for five days of kick-off meetings with the commercial teams, our joint venture partner counterparts and our proposal execution teams.

It is unnatural how excited I am.  The geekiness is embarrassing really.

I tried to play it cool when my director told me I was assigned to this project and would have to travel, but the blank expression quickly gave way to an ear to ear grin.  He knew he just made my day, even if he in his own mind can't understand why on earth I would want to travel for work - a task he abhors now as a senior person.  It's not the travel so much (OK, a little bit the travel) as it is that it means a lot to me for him to take me into account in experience-building/mentoring/succession planning.

My first big project!  I get to grow it from the ground up!  I get to be part of every step that my team needs to take to contribute to this proposal.  I feel like I will learn so much from this opportunity, I welcome the chance to absorb every ounce of experience I can from this. 

I know it is going to be grueling and that the novelty will eventually wear off, but I wanted to capture my enthusiasm for a moment, document it, so I can hold on to that optimism.  Maybe that's a weird reason to write, but I would rather hold on to the good than the less pleasant.  Isn't it that way with most memories in life?

As I mentioned before, the project is in Australia, so deep in the recesses of my secret desires, I hope that means a trip Down Under is in order sometime in the next few months.  Time will tell, there has been no mention as of yet.  The sales guys are from our Australia office, and I have to concentrate with embarrassing intensity to wade through their accents.  They are a lively bunch (as those in business development typically are) and joke around a fair amount.  I'm pretty sure they wonder how bright I am, as when they make a humorous comment, it takes me just a split second too long to decipher their cockney before I start laughing.  If I get to go to Australia or not, I will at a minimum learn some interesting slang during the course of this project.

But before I get ahead of myself, ALL SUGGESTIONS for places to see/things to do/food establishments to experience are very welcome.  I have been to London before, so I don't need to make a total tourist of myself, and I wouldn't have the available time even if I wanted to, but I would happy to do a few things here and there if someone in the know can make a recommendation.  My hotel is in south Kensington near the Gloucester tube stop, so directions are also welcome if you are feeling so generous.  All those proper Brits who would be assaulted by my Americanism appreciate the heads up for me in advance.

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Ankit said...

All the very best for your new project and new challenges.