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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Attention everyone who has a personality

This morning I had the delightful experience of meeting a fellow "normal" person in my office. You have no idea how exciting that is in an office full of butt-kissing engineers. I would have never in my life thought it was possible to have this quiet at office, where people DON'T go into fits of energetic erruption (except me), driven by the insanity that will inevitably take over your brain from crunching numbers all day long. I don't know who in their right mind could find this entertaining, let alone feel passion about the topic of hydraulic grade lines. It just doesn't fit in my head. There is no way for me to connect to that kind of person. So when a new employee walked into my office today and we got into a 30 minute conversation about how strange our office was with all it's lack of creativity and spirit, I felt a huge sigh of relief that I'm not insane, or the biggest un-focused idiot in the world. There are 2 of us now, possibly 3, in an office of about a thousand people. The sad part is, most people in my stage in my career are striving to have an office, that is your drive, the pinnacle of prestige in the exciting world of engineering (makes you wonder if there's a reason the white walls resemble a psychiatric institution). After being in a company with nothing but offices, I say bring me a cubicle any day! Seriously, at least cubicles promote social interaction of some kind, not complete isolation. I miss the days of rubber-band wars, throwing higlighters over the walls, and PT time as an afternoon energizer. I never thought I'd say this but...

I miss cubicles.

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Anonymous said...

ahhh....the joys of our self created hell. What would life be like in an office that broke the norm. Why do they all have to have institutional colors...wether it is white, mint green, baby blue, or 70's orange (sadly hasnt been updated since then). I want to walk into and office one day and see that every employee was allowed to paint there own office. How cool would it be to have offices in red, purple, jalapeno jelly green......seriously people, is that so taboo or something? You would think the receptionist that has slept with half the office is more taboo, however excepted. I am going to start a culture inc. (the idea for the month anyway).

-Sometimes I like Lemons.