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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

An Ocean of Marriages

It is amazing how much of my life is surrounded by the topic of weddings these days.

I am apparently at that age where every one of my weekend activities must consist of celebrating the marital bliss of some one (or two). Nothing makes me enjoy this more than having it shoved down my throat day in and day out.

I have been told (by a some-what senior co-worker) that I am in the middle of the "second wave" (some how this sounds like a scary menopausal condition to me). Another words, there is the "first wave"; post-college marriages of those who have dated through out highschool and/or college. The "second wave" consists of the mid-twenties marriages of people who met late in college, or within their early "adult" lives and have been dating for a few years so they decide to take the plunge so they can enjoy a few years of being newlyweds before sending me pastel invitations for baby-showers. The "third wave" is apparently right before the big 30 hits when women desperately cling to the last of their twenties, realizing that their child-bearing years are numbered, therefore, marriage is the socially-acceptable way to silence (or press snooze on) their biological clock.

These were the only "waves" I have heard of so far, but I tend to think there will be more waves coming (like the onset of a tsunami). For instance, I believe the early thirties divorce wave will be followed by the mid-thirties second-marriage wave. This wave could ride all the way in to the late-forties. In which case, this causes me to question: "Is it really a wave? Or just a perpetual state of being from the age of 21 to 50?"

It could be worse I suppose. I could be in the funeral wave.


Anonymous said...

um seriously, can someone stop this thing cause i'd like to get off!! but then again, i want someone to start having babies soon so i can play with them.


Amyl said...

I'll be in the 4th or 5th wave..BEWARE