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Friday, December 16, 2005

Iron Stomach

I dicsovered that this week, one of my co-workers, Craig (who is the reigning closet-alcoholic, sometimes more out of the closet than in) did a Ranch-Bomb at a work Happy Hour.

Me: "Ranch-Bomb"?
Travis: Yeah, you know, like a Jager-Bomb but with ranch.
Me: The salad dressing??

Apparently, for 2 free pitchers of beer, Craig will mix most anything in beer and drink it. In order to follow in the "bomb" structure of the drink, they filled a shot-glass full of ranch dressing leftover from their buffalo wings and droppped in ceremoniously in Craig's beer. Two large gulps and he ran for the men's room.

I literally do not think I would be able to even stomach this as an audience member.

Amazing to me what you find out about these people.

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