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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Good Things About Christmas Day

Most people feel like once the gift giving is done with on Christmas Day, the rest of the day is boring. I decided to write a list of reasons I love Christmas Day, POST-gifts in the morning.

1) Always the most important - GOOD FOOD. None of these meatless meals that Polish people have to observe on Christmas Eve Day, but meat with all the trimmings. Let's not forget dessert either.
2) Drinking eggnog for the last time before they stop carrying it in the stores.
3) Watching Irving Berlin's White Christmas with the family.
4) Taking an afternoon nap - a luxury I can hardly afford anymore - like the kind you took in college when you got back from class at 1:30pm.
5) The late night walk around the neighborhood admiring the lights before everyone tears them down the next day, to be stored until next Halloween or whenever people start putting up lights these days.
6) Calling friends to catch up after your nap because you know they're not doing anything better at that moment either.
7) Leaving the mess of torn-up wrapping paper near the tree all day long, validating this mess by saying it looks "festive".
8) The pressure of the gifts is off. After spending 1.5 months agonizing over what to get whom, you can rest-assured that it is over and done with until next year.
9) Second-helpings of Christmas lunch at 9pm, and it's ok because the diet doesn't start until Monday.
10) Finally listening to "Sleigh Ride" for the last (and millionth time) this season before the "All Holiday Music Stations" on the radio return to normal music.

Merry Christmas Y'all :)

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Anonymous said...

Don’t forget the task of assembling. Nothing says Christmas day like a room covered in scattered parts and a set of instructions (that happen to be written in 30 different languages) that are like reading the design plans for the Eiffel tower. Then there is always the outside activities to help aid the digestion and make room for more pie and cookies......ahh Christmas. There is just nothing like it. I hope yours is wonderful and one worth remembering.

-Sometimes I like Lemons