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Monday, January 09, 2006

King Kong = Snore.

One of my favorite leisure-time activites is going to the movies, and this weekend I was lucky enough to have the time to spend some time at the theater. Well, sort of lucky.

I saw King Kong (the 2005 version). Amidst all the hype about the special effects, etc., I have to say that even the most amazing, mind-blowing special effects of all time couldn't have saved this movie. First of all, 3 hours is WAY too long for a movie - "Titantic" taught us that the first time. I don't care how great the effects, or how epic the story, it is impossible to even keep me (an avid movie fan) entertained for that long. 1 hour into the movie and we STILL hadn't even met the gorilla. Secondly, (another striking similarity to Titanic), the sparseness of dialog doesn't give the movie the ability to sustain an audience for 3 hours. In "Titanic", the script had "Jack!" "Rose!" about 5 millions times - enthralling, really. "King Kong" however had endless scenes of the gorilla staring at the (annoyingly) weepy-eyed Anne Darrow, back and forth in camera angles atleast 5 million times as well. After a while, I was thinking, "right, I get the point, they have a deep connection - can we get on with it?"

I went and saw this movie with 3 guys (the reason I didn't get to see "Memoirs of a Geisha" - my first choice), 2 of whom enjoyed it immensely, while 1 apparently suffers from A.D.D. as bad as I do.

I like cute, over-sized monkeys, really - I just found this movie lacking in any real guts.

Oh, and another thing- how annoying was Jack Black's character?

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Anonymous said...

I must agree with your analysis. The Movie was completely lacking in content and frankly the action was not even that good. Best scene of the entire movie was the fight against T-Rex. And this scene even seemed to be never ending. You know how in cheesey B rated horror movies the vilian never dies. That scene reminded me of it, you were thinking to yourself "Just die already and get it over with."

Oh well there is always next time.....and Memories of a Geshia sounds plenty interesting. By the way, I also know how to do long division in conjunction with my ADD.

-Sometimes I Like Lemons