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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Welcome to 2006

And it's a new year! After several holiday hang-overs and sessions of binging on hearty food, family fun, and more weddings, we have entered 2006. It's going to be a good year folks.

So many decisions to be made this year. As most people of my generation, I have so many choices to make I often feel over-whelmed. Do I want to do the embassy program? Do I want to apply to grad school this year? Do the boyfriend and I officially move in together and risk insistant parental pressures of marriage? Not exactly "soup or salad?" type decisions. But we will attack them with vigor and enthusiasm! How great it is to be so naive in the first few days of January...

New Year's Resolutions:

Health - To lose that 20 pounds I talk about (yes I have been sucked in to main-stream American resolution fads - have you seen those Jenny Craig ads??), to take my vitamins regularly, attend yoga class once a week, and eat less processed foods.

Career - To organize my time between the 2 jobs better, and to avoid over-booking myself and those dear to me who are gracious enough to take up the slack for my time-management blunders.

Academic - Read 1 new book per month, and read the paper (not Star magazine) weekly. Aka - less food network, more reading before bed.

Spiritual - Say my prayers regularly.

Behavior - To be better about returning phone calls to friends and family, check my voicemail more often, and make a concerted effort to call friendsand family that live out of town frequently.

Joyous New Year to All!

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Anonymous said...

Decisions decisions.....New year, new choices, new opportunities. A means to cleans yourself from the year past and start over.

I wish you the best with your resolutions. Just by knowing you for the time that I have, I dont think you will have any problem reaching those goals. You never cease to amaze me. Happy 2006!

-Sometimes I like lemons