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Friday, January 27, 2006

What's Your Ten Year Plan?

The past couple weeks have passed with relatively little to write about here. I have become (or maybe I already was) a mundane blogger.

I am starting to have the first real pangs of fear of being old. I think at some point, most women take a look at their 5-10 year plan and realize a few things.

First, that 25 is QUITE young, no matter what those college kids think. (Just the fact that I refer to them as kids now completely negates my point here.)

Secondly, we have to realize the whole child-bearing age thing. This is most depressing and quite daunting to me. If you are a woman of 25, it seems you have about 10 socially-acceptable years to squeak out a family, plus or minus a couple years. I know, that's a whole decade, but I remember going to homecoming sophmore year in high school like it was yesterday. So right now, the time line is looking something like this:

1. Meet Boy
2. Date for a couple years (2)
3. Get Engaged (1)
4. Get Married
5. Have a couple years as newly-weds (2)
6. Start on baby-making project #1
7. Wait a couple years (2)
8. Start on baby-making project #2

That is a lot to do in 10 years! I mean there are variations obviously, people can date for less time, maybe get lucky and have twins your first go-around, elope, etc... But for the most part, that is something about what "The Plan" looks like to most straight women my age I think. (Let me know if I'm wrong, or let's admit it, freaking you out)

Thirdly, what about the other things I want to do in my life? Going to grad school, living and working in Europe, being on a [reputable] reality show, getting my professional license, etc. seems to fit most appropriately before the whole kids thing. Let's face it, who wants to study cement mixes with a screaming newborn on their hands. (Actually, who wants to study cement mixes period, but that's another issue for another day...) That seems like a lot to do in ten years.

I do like to plan things, so it is my nature to want to find an advantageous order of events.

However, I'm at a loss on this.

Let me know if you have any suggestions.

Oh, and I didn't add the part about wanting to be a wildly successful business women, for the sake of simplicity (and sanity).


Anonymous said...

Thier seems to never be enough time in life to do the things we want. Yet in some way it always works out. At least in my case, things just seem to fall into place on there own. Your list does seem a bit wonderwomanish....but with the right help (and a nervous break down or two on the way)it can all be accomplished. It might help to ammend part of the schedule....find a boy (or man as we all like to be called at this age) that will help you with the rest of the list. That way you wont be doing it all yourself; or studing the principles of fluid dynamics and breast feeding at the same time. Just a suggestion anyway....If you are anything like my girlfriend, then I imagine you will accomplish all this and more. I wish you the best with your tasks at hand.

-Sometimes I Like Lemons

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