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Monday, February 06, 2006

From Weddings to Sports

Isn't really close to the same thing sometimes?

This weekend was pretty tiring, but went well overall. Friday we went to the Chateau to help set up for the Open House Saturday afternoon. We launched our website last week, by the way - Hooray! Check it out: Thanks to all those who helped get us to this point - especially Andrew for offering slave-labor!

Interesting food fact: For a chocolate fountain, the chocolate discs you buy have to be atleast 33% cocoa butter - this also holds for good chocolate fondue. Twenty-Five pounds of chocolate discs (feeds about 250 people) with 41% cocoa butter costs $200, so when they charge you an arm and a leg to rent a machine, you know why.

Saturday's Open House went well, we had about 100 brides go through which is good news. Hopefully some good business will be the effect of this event and the marketing!

Sunday was a trip to one of my favorite places - Central Market to prepare for the big annual event SUPER BOWL XL. Well I have to admit this wasn't a terribly exciting game; I attempted to add excitement by picking squares in my office pool, but I got bad numbers (seriously, 9/9 and 2/5 - almost never happens) so it wasn't much help. However there was good food at David's place so that always helps the atmosphere, much to the detriment of my waist-line. David makes a mean strawberry daquiri (and by "mean" I imply deceptively strong), so beware!

I tried my hand at floral arranging this weekend and it went ok - I won't be starting that kind of business anytime soon I think. I did one for my Mom for Valentine's Day, one for the house, and this week I will work on one for the Andrew's Mom. I'll let you know how it goes - hopefully i'll get better at this soon. It's the thought that counts, right? Maybe I'll even get to post pictures soon, when I pick up my new digital camera- yeah!

I'm going to Washington DC for work this week and then Denver this weekend to visit Sarah & Ethan, and get in some ski/quality relaxation time. Trip updates to come!


Anonymous said...

So we have shifted gears....from intrinsically life pondering thought to a simple monologue of a weekends events. I would agree though, the superbowl did lack luster this year.

-sometimes I like lemons

Anonymous said...

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