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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

I Love Snow

I am back from vacation rested & relaxed. I can't tell you the last time I felt like this in general, let alone having to come back to work. Refreshing really...

Went skiing at Winter Park and got to visit with Sarah & Ethan, the newly weds. I forgot how much I enjoy skiing really. Sometimes that's hard to believe with what all the clothing and heavy equipment to carry around, not to mention very uncomfortable ski-boots - these boots where [NOT] made for walking... Hah. (My apologies, that stupid Pizza Hut commercial keeps running through my head) But the skiing and weather were awesome, so I couldn't complain. Plus, I have to say, Andrew's first time down a steep mountain after an 8 year hiatus from skiing was humorous. If I had video, I would painfully watch it over and over again...

Tip: WEAR SUNSCREEN WHEN SKIING. I have learned this the hard way.

Comment on the Colorado Driving Right-Turn System: It seems Coloradians (is that what they're called?) are hesitant to commit entirely to a full right-turn into traffic. Therefore, at every intersection where a right turn is possible, there is a long entrance/yielding lane for you to merge into traffic through. This was comical to me. Most states just look both ways, look for an opening and turn right into traffic, no "probationary" lane is necessary. Is this indicative of a failure to commit amongst the population of Colorado in general, or just a fear of joining moving traffic of a different direction?


Anonymous said...

I must also comment on the driving habits of our fellow Coloradoans (have no clue what the hell you call 'em). My guess is that brake pads don’t stay in stock for very long in this state. Everyone drives down the mountain and around hair pin curves like it is a go-cart track or something. I found this perplexing as people have little fear of careening over a cliff. I am not sure about you but I have no desire to resemble a sardine. And yes, rolling down a hill like a snowman was very comical, painful yet comical.

-Sometimes I Like Lemons.

Anonymous said...

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