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Friday, February 10, 2006

My First Out-Of-State Business Trip

Here we are in Washington DC - exciting right? It was my fourth trip there in my life and nice even if it did involve boring work, because let's face it - it was free. And I'm pretty much (with a few exceptions) always up for a free trip.

I realized I don't have much of a function on the project that sent me to DC, which I find disturbing and comical at the same time. disturbing because it makes me feel like my professional value can be questioned at any moment, and I'm not sure I could come back with a witty reply that would suffice to prove anything. Comical because the people on this project team seem to think I know what I'm talking about, which is absolutely ludicrous. I am simply repeating verbatim what I have overheard the PM say numerous times over the phone to various entities involved. Basically, my value so far is that I am an excellent repeater of random phrases.

I get the grim feeling this will either work much to dismay, or much to my favor... Let's hope for the latter.


Anonymous said...

I think if you asked most exects how they arrived at there current positions; you would discover that they all have just repeated the words and ideas of others. So if you ask me, you are playing the game by the rules. Game On!

-Sometimes I Like Lemons

Anonymous said...

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