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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Meet Beelzebub

This is the newest addition of my household - a red Beta fish named Beelzebub with a firey temper. I know male Betas are very territorial and all, but this one is ridiculous. He is in a constant state of defense, flairing himself up, trying to protect his precious 2 gallons of universe. Bubby, as I like to refer to my friend for short, is a meager attempt at a pet, since I know that I don't have the time for a dog, but all the more I desperately want one. It has been about 2 years since I had a fish, and I feel like I have properly mourned the loss of Spermy. Since it is spring now, I'm feeling very "new life" lately, and attempted to plant herb garden seedlings as well. Yes, it's a little crazy I know, but don't worry - I wore bore you with pictures of it's progress. Or maybe I will - Stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

He is so territorial that he even tries to kick his own ass....Please tell me how this makes sense.

-The life of Beelzebub the beta fish incarnate. He swims in circles all day (unless he is in his rock taking a nap and making plans for world domination). If the world ever floods again as it did for Noah we are all in serious trouble. For now the kryptonite tank is containing the beast but I am not sure how much longer it will last.....Pray for a miracle.

-Sometimes I Like Lemons

Anonymous said...

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