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Friday, March 10, 2006

A Teeny Weeny Rocker Crush

Last night I went to the rodeo again (as promised) on a little mini-date with the bf. I think after a while, in a relationship, sometimes routine trips to the grocery store start turning into "dates," so it's nice that it's important to both of us that we spend some time actually enjoying each other's company, doing something fun.

We went to the livestock show which I have not done in years, watched chickies hatch, petted cows, walked around the carnival eating more bad-for-you-food-that-tastes-oh-so-heavenly. Basically, I came back smelling like I'd been in a barn, literally. But I loved every minute of it.

But the main event of last night's rodeo I would have to say, was seeing Maroon 5 perform. I have to admit, I might have a small crush on Adam Levine now after watching him on stage. Funny, cute, singing ... had that rocker appeal, you follow me on this ladies? I liked the Songs About Jane album, and while they're recording in LA right now, I'm curious to see if the next album will measure up. No pressure or anything Adam. And I know I was terribly torn up over the Jessica/Nick scandal, but I gotta say, I don't blame the girl for taking a glance at Mr. Maroon5 himself.

Thinking about it, I think this entry is proof that I'm not near as mature or sophisticated as I like to pretend I am.


So question, when do I cease to be amazed by musicians; is there an approximate age where the spark wears off?


Sarah's Parties said...

The answer is: NEVER!!!

Just be happy you have moved onto Adam Levine and away from Barney! :)

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