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Friday, April 07, 2006

She Forgot The Brownies, But We'll Forgive Her

This weekend we went on our annual girls' camping trip. This has over the years become a reunion of sorts and an excuse for girlie-time. Amazingly, I have remained close friends with this group of girls since junior high school. I marvel at how rare that is. How lucky am I to have such long friendships? I mean, these girls have seen me with mile-high bangs and tortoise shell glasses and some how we all still get along, even though we're all very different people now. Well I should clarify, there were probably about 10 girls in the "group" in high school, but those who have stayed friends has whittled down to about 6 or so, give or take. In my opinion, that is still pretty amazing. Together we all went through a stage in 7th grade where we actually found it not only cool, but socially-acceptable, maybe even a bit sexy to where men's underwear of matching patterns in public places as CLOTHING. Obviously this was before we realized that dressing alike was definitely NOT cool, and maybe they're called underwear because they're supposed to be worn UNDER something. But I digress...

The weather this weekend was beautiful, and with all the wildflowers of Texas in bloom, it was quite a pleasant drive, even if we did get lost briefly and end up near College Station for some reason. We camped at Inks Lake near Marble Falls, which is known for its granite hills. A lot of nice hiking around the stream that ran through the park, even if all the church groups walking around were noisey and annoying. Maybe it's just us, but when you are visiting nature, you would think some sort of decibel level, oh, say below that of Wall Street during trading hour, would be understood. Apparently I was mistaken.

Favorite Quotes of the Weekend:

Amy: "YOU'RE DISTURBING THE WILDLIFE." (To a herd of middle-aged church group people - or maybe they were from eharmony or something. Equally disturbing.)

Marigold: "Can I have another mallow?" (after about 50 s'mores or so)

Janet: "We're not really lost, we're near College Station." (Oh brother. You put the 2 of us in a car together and we are guaranteed to turn from semi-educated independent women, to half-brained directionless morons.)

Overall, a very relaxing and happy weekend. If I can say one thing, it is that I think in the future on camping trips, we will be taking an air mattress, and double-checking to make sure we have taken brownies (a staple) with us. You can never forget the brownies that sustain our diet the entire weekend, and turns out we're getting too old to sleep on the ground. Lesson learned: The ground is hard, and inevitably, wherever you put down the tent, a stone will place itself right in the middle of your left boob while you're trying to sleep. Excellent.

I would like to thank Andrew for putting up with my sorry ass last night when I was exhausted and about as fun as the IRS (seemed fitting considering it's tax season).

Happy Anniversary Hunny :) You rock my face off.


Sarah's Parties said...

You rock my face off? Sounds dirty... I like it!

blue blue blue said...

i can't believe i missed the camping trip!! wish i could have been there....oh the memories...i remember last year--spooning marigold cause i was so freaking cold while she was fine in a t-shirt. and you text-messaging at 4 am like a giddy teenager. happy anniversary guys!! has it really only been one year?

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