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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

this is SO me.

If only I could be let loose...

Courtesy of mimi smartypants:

'The Container Store is now on my list of things I feel slightly religious about (along with particle physics, certain musical intervals, and Google). I get so excited in the Container Store---look at all those things! Meant to contain other things! I want to gather a large group of obsessive neat-freaks, feed them a mild stimulant, and then let them loose in the Container Store with the directive: "Clean up this mess." '


Sarah's Parties said...

who is this mimi smartypants? One time - when a sales guy called our house at 8am and Ethan couldn't get off the phone, I started crying like a baby. The sales guy sked Ethan if his kid was ok, and he responded "Yeah, my wife'll take care of it" So much for my tricky tactics to get off the phone.


Anonymous said...

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