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Tuesday, August 08, 2006


I am going to San Diego this weekend, and I am mucho excited for many reasons:

1. I haven't been to Cali, the place of paradise-like weather since I graduated college 3.5 years ago.
2. I haven't been to San Diego since I was 18, and then there was much rowing involved at the Crew Classic. This trip shouldn't be quite as physically demanding.
3. I need a vacation, and I have been being brattier than normal about it lately. Those around me are starting to suffer.
4. It's [virtually] free! Seeing as Andrew is already there on business and I got my ticket from his Dad's miles. Yeah Andrew's Dad!
5. I will have not seen Andrew for a full week by the time I get there, and the middle of the bed is starting to lose it's allure. Yes, you can all proceed to throw up in your mouths a little bit.
6. I hear there are beaches in California. Suggestions on which one is the funnest are welcome. I've only been to Mission Beach.

I will post some pictures when I return next week! Cheers


Sarah's Parties said...

I won't throw up in my mouth.... and I also won't remind you about the year I spent in Japan with a certain someone in the US... then again, I had a tiny futon in Japan so I never had to enjoy the middle part of the "bed".

Anonymous said...

i remember a certain year spent away from a certain someone in your life, and i would like it to be on the record that i was amazed even then (awash in my singleness) that y'all were able to handle that. makes the heart fonder, right?