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Monday, October 09, 2006


Went to the Greek Festival this last Friday.


It was brilliant. Andrew and I got there around 4:30, and got the dinner plate, which is basically a sampler platter. LOVED the spanokopita (although I keep wanting to call it "spank-a-pita", much like my sister and I refer to Spokane, Washington as "Spank-a-pony'; Don't ask, my family is strange) and the Greek meatballs and the honeyballs. We crashed a table of people in order to sit and enjoy the food and wine (WAY TOO MUCH) and the whole night we kept meeting all these random groups of people who would come join us. Janet joined us, and then later Marcelo and his Brazillian date (ow ow), and then I ran into all kinds of Polish mafia friends. What can I say, the multi-cultural (halfies) like to do the festival/dancing/drinking/eating thing. And it is definitely festival month! (Read: the only month where the weather is bearable in this state.)

But really, we met some really interesting people, namely a pair (I don't think they were a couple) where the guy was a food critic, and the girl likes to throw parties that live in the area. Of course, you mention food critic to Andrew and he pretty much explodes with joy immediately as the conversation got very involved in restaurants and food and menus and certain chefs, and so forth. That is the point of the conversation where I politely excuse myself with Janet, and join people doing Greek dances on the stage (ok, so we're a few bottles in by then).

I like to think I was just a LITTLE bit Greek on Friday.


Ethan said...

I think you meant the Sept-Oct bridge is the only month that the weather is bearable in Houston. I find Austin to be quite lovely year-round.

Also, I think you are making my wife jealous because Texas is much better than Colorado when it comes to hosting random festivals. So I must ask you to cease and desist posts that highlight having fun (and good food) at local cultural events.

While only so-so on the festival front, Colorado is pretty great when it comes to skiing. I hope you are planning another trip!!

Ethan said...
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Ethan said...
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Anonymous said...

While Austin does have less of the opressive humidity that makes Houston a mecca for mosquitos, it is just as hot for that 9.73 months each year that we see scorching temperatures. The rest of the time it rains.

What can I say, Friday I was a little Greek, today I'm a little bi-polar. (Is it possible to be "a little" bi-polar? By definition, don't I have to pick one or the other? I digress...)

Tell Sarah to come visit then! Texas misses her (and you). I would love to ski again this year, but I will unfortunately be stuck in black hole most of the winter, studying for the dreaded PE exam.

Ethan said...

I passed the PE exam in 2nd grade and I still have my Presidential Fitness Award to prove it. Looks like someone is a little behind...

We'll be in Houston for Thanksgiving, so we'll definitely see you then. Unless you're leaving for somewhere else, but I hope not. If you are, I think you should cancel those plans.