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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Let's focus on not focusing

It seems I'm having some trouble "un-winding" after the exam. I could not have predicted that I would have this problem. Honestly. I thought for sure, that come the next day I would be rested, relaxed, humming dixie and walking with a little enthusiastic hop in my step. Saturday morning, I woke up (with a blistering hangover, thank you margaritas!), and started thinking, "I hope I passed. What about this problem..." Then Sunday came and I didn't know what to do myself. All this extra time on my hands with which I need not study. It's the same feeling I had in college every Sunday around noon when I just knew I had to go back to school to study for the week that afternoon. It always felt like it was cutting my weekend very-unfairly short. Five days later, I'm still having trouble sleeping in the early morning, I get restless. Let's pray I'm not like this for the next 8 weeks, else Andrew might die of annoyance.

The only way I know how to "un-focus" is to simply "re-focus" on something else, so that's what I've done. Maybe eventually I'll get tired of focusing and just pass out for 3 days. This week it's been preparation for a baby shower this weekend (apparently a lot of pent-up creative energy has just be busting open the floodgates, waiting to use any other side of my brain other than the one that solves concrete mixture problems). Next week I anticipate that all energies will be dedicated to wedding cake choices (oh my! so! many! choices! Let's hope this doesn't turn into another wedding-dress-type trauma.) Following week, bridesmaids dresses, then invitations,..... you see where this is going. If nothing else, our wedding has served as an excellent re-direction of focus for me.

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