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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Weight Gain, Lost Sanity.

Last week while on the elliptical machine, I read an article (do you know how hard it is to read bouncing up and down like that? it totally gave me a headache) about Valerie (the chick that used to be married to Eddie Van Halen) and how she agreed to be a new spokesperson for Jenny Craig. Her reasoning was that the only way to guarantee that she would stick to a diet/healthy eating plan was to instill the fear of looming paparazzi upon her.

I can just see it in the section of People Magazine (The Paper), in the section where they try to convince you that celebrities are like people too! Really! They drop off drycleaning! And consume food! Right.
"Here we caught Valerie Bertinelli, spokeswoman for Jenny Craig, chowing down on fettucine alfredo (*gasp*) at LA hotspot FattiesEatHere."

The trials and tribulations of the rich and famous. I feel for them. I really do. I know I don't want my picture snapped for the world to read when I am in a moment of weakness, downing Swiss Cake Rolls like I need massive amounts of perservatives to sustain consciousness.

So part Operation LetsRefocusInOrderToUnwind is a renewed enthusiasm for working out. I had my first session with a personal trainer last week, andI have to admit, I was painfully satisfied. It's a totally different ballgame when you have someone staring down at you, counting each individual rep, making sure each one is done with precision. I was hurting, but in a good way. I'm hoping this enthusiasm lasts long enough to make a dent in my physique. If not, I might have to phone my local paparazzi.

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