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Monday, June 11, 2007

You Can Never Have Enough Sunscreen

Janet, Goldie and myself proved that this weekend:

NINE BOTTLES. That is for THREE PEOPLE. And in Goldie's defense, she only had one bottle, so Janet and I were the criminals bringing up the average. And Goldie brought yummy brownies this year, so she's ALL KINDS of redeeming herself this year. We still missed Amy & Emily though. They are representing bi-coastally.

We camped at Guadalupe State Park this year, and we did pretty well, what with remembering to do things we swore we would improve upon the following year, like bringing an air mattress (my left boob is thankful!) and a large tent who's doors DO zip shut. It was like a mirage:

This year we also went later in the spring/summer, so we were actually able to swim in the river:

We also, only got lost ONCE on the way up, which is a large improvement for us, and the whole time we were lost, we recognized being lost this way before. But as a result of getting not-lost-but-lost, we ran into some very curious donkeys:

We might need to improve upon our fire skills yet, although Goldie faithfully coddled our dwindling flames for 3 hours before it became The Fire That Would Not Be Put Out. Atleast it cooked our hotdogs and smores, allbeit not very quickly.

We took our regular hike down the river, although I have come to believe the hike gets shorter every year, or maybe just my level of Things I Am Willing To Cross In Flipflops tolerance has gone down. It was beautiful and peaceful though, and not quite as hot and sticky as there was potential to be in June in Texas. I think we have decided that late May might be the perfect time to go from now on. So let the plans begin for next year!

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SleeplessInSeattle said...

Next year in Seattle??? Looks like you all had a blast!