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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

say that 5 times fast

Driving around the ritzy River Oaks part of town, I came across this gem:

I'm perplexed. I had to look up the word "esotericism." Also, isn't it ironic (don't you think?) that someone who can come up with a combination of words like "vernacular esotericism," can't spell "Hawaii" correctly? There are only a few reasons I can think of for the above display:

A) There is an underground cult movement among the uber-hip of this concrete jungle we call Houston, and they are passionate about limiting their vocabulary. I think.

B) It's summer, the rich children are bored, the weed is way better than it was when I was (ahem) young, and mattresses are the new texting medium of the season.

C) You're still stuck singing Alanis Morissette, cursing me right now, and can't be bothered with such trivial nonsense when it's like RAAAAIIIINNN....

D) I'm all wrong and you should tell me what you think the motive is.


Sarah's Parties said...

Wow - and I thought it was funny that we found a home made sign telling us to be mindful of squirrels in the middle of an intersection in Boulder.

Ethan said...

My guess is that this is the realization of teenage angst after being left in Houston to complete an SAT prep course while his/her parents hit the beaches in Hawaii.

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