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Monday, August 27, 2007

what happens in Vegas, gets posted on the internet

I went to Las Vegas last weekend with a group of 10 girl friends to celebrate general fabulousness. A brilliant idea. I love Vegas for 3 days, before I've had enough and need to return to a place where this is some seperation between night and day.

This is me sporting my tranny wig at Pure. The wig is fabulous, don't you even think otherwise.

This is us in the pool, nursing hangovers. We had a 4 out of 11 sick rate. Not stellar, but passable.

sexy ladies!

We went and saw Zumanity on Sunday night. Entertaining for sure, and beware if you are seated in the section closest to the stage. It is the circus, but naked.


SleeplessInSeattle said...

So much fun!! Love you Marysia and can't wait till the big day!

Sarah's Parties said...

What a fun trip!