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Monday, September 17, 2007

Random, incoherent, poorly written, and generally foul post

This is how every weekday evening conversation looks in our humble little townhome:

Me: Ok, check the list, what do we have to finish this week.
A: 1,2,3,...7,8,9....56,57,58 things to accomplish this week (reading the "to do wedding list")
Me: (inwardly cringing) What can we accomplish tonight? Let's try to cross something off completely tonight. Or let's make another list for the week. A list from the list. Something more manageable.
A: Can we go workout first?

And then 3 hours later, after all working out and showering and ingesting of some kind of dinner, and cleaning up the resultant mess of a kitchen, we are left with about 1 hour to accomplish shopping hysteria in which to buy necessary items to accomplish said wedding tasks before store close. Weekends are a rush to accomplish everything we didn't accomplish that week. we need more accomplishing, less stressing.

There are 54 days left, and I don't mean to nag (really I swear), but I'm ready to get to the fun part. Hah. Such a healthy attitude about marriage, I know. This accomplishing of random tasks is fun in it's own way, I just wish there weren't so many of them to stress about. We're all about balance and moderation here. Nag nag nag, complain, complain, complain.


Ethan said...

You could probably throw away the dirty dishes instead of cleaning them since new kitchen stuff is on the way (yeah for registries!).

That would probably save you at least 30 minutes a night -- which is a 50% increase on your current productivity levels. I'm just saying, think about it...

Sarah's Parties said...

You could also add blogging to your list of things to do. Then you get something done and it's fun!

How are you feeling?

Anonymous said...

you two made me chuckle this morning - thank you!

i like the way you think ethan... i'm considering tossing everything in the kitchen because i can't take the clutter anymore, but organizing the kitchen has not yet made The List. *sigh*

SleeplessInSeattle said...

I didn't realize there was sooo much stuff left to do. Wish I was in town to help...can anything be done from Seattle!!