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Thursday, November 29, 2007

El Calafate, Argentina

Finally, some pictures from our honeymoon in Patagonia. Buenos Aires still to come...
Our hotel on the hill, Design Suites Calafate
When you arrive, they greet you with champagne. View from our suite.

El Calafate view from our hill. It's a small town in the tundra.

Where the trouble began...

Andes Mountains, entering Los Glaciares National Park

Glaciar Perito Moreno, one of the most active glaciers in the world.

Getting on the boat to take us across Lago Argentino to the glacier for our trek.

Look at the mini-trekkers having fun!

Oh wait, no we need to go UP the mountain first.

This season's most stylish footgear: grampones.

Look, a flat part, this is fun!
Wait, we have to walk across that tiny ledge on the left? You're kidding me.
Coming to the lagoon on the glacier to eat lunch.
So. Much. Fun. It is cold though.
We ran out of water so we started filling up on glacier springs. Better than Evian, folks.
Ok, no seriously, it's cold. Let's get warm here people.
The way Argentine's get warm. Whiskey on the "glacier rocks."
My poison of choice. Surprisingly tasty and flavorful (despite the light color) beer.

I still liked Andrew at the end of the trip. A little. ("downtown" Calafate)

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Tabatha said...

Wow...the pics look amazing. Hopefully now that it's over you can appreciate how much "fun" it was (: